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The Step by Step Process to the Completion of Project McCachen

At any given time, you can check our constantly updated list of projects and we’ll have 10-15 on the go - perfectly balanced between the three members of our team. For the amount of projects that we have, we don’t often write about the design process, or highlight one single completed project. BUT, we know this is something that many people are interested in hearing about, so we thought of the perfect project to dive deeper on and share with you! Project McCachen is a project that we feel so happy to have taken on just over a year ago. Located in Richmond Hill, this project isn’t normally one that we would take on due to distance from our little Elora office - but circumstances for this one made it easier to create and sign a contract quickly. A client that is super enthusiastic about female empowerment, means a client who was incredibly willing to support a newly launched, young female business from a 2 hour distance away. After a year of perfecting the design, and a lot of patience, this full styling project is finally complete and we are so excited to explain this one a little more to you.

Project McCachen has been one that we’ve discussed every Monday Morning Meeting since August 2021 - as a full styling Project, this one started as strictly a furniture and styling project. Over the design process it’s become so much more full of life through the addition of patterned wallpaper (even on the ceiling), unique artwork walls, feature lights, and some re-painting. But, let’s start at the very beginning. When this client first reached out, she was hopeful that we could create a space that perfectly suits her - woman empowered, full of fun/unique features, and all around just cool vibes. One feature that this client was always super adamant about was a staircase gallery wall - with somewhat suggestive photos (this has always been one of the coolest parts of this project). This is also one reason why we really wanted to highlight this project - it truly pushed us to do things we’ve never done, and work outside of what we normally do. As always though, we started this process with a colour story to create conceptual design boards that we presented, with lots of samples - and then we revised. And we revised, and we revised - which was perfect, because it allowed all options to be discussed, and the best options to stick! After many changes, we finalized our design with conceptual boards that we were all super excited about - here’s a quick little sneak peak of some of our favourites:

Once we officially decided on the design, and finalized furniture (this process took us a few months), we started the ordering process. As always, especially for a full home design, we ran into some delays regarding having to re-choose discontinued items, but mostly delays in pieces themselves. Timelines for furniture can be delayed many many times before they’re actually delivered. After starting to order in January, our final piece didn’t arrive until mid September! Often when there is a large gap between waiting for final large pieces, we do our installs in phases - which is what we decided to do here. After doing months of online and in person shopping, we filled our cars and made our first trip to Install in Richmond Hill, back in August. At this install, as we were missing some furniture pieces, we focused on hanging all artwork and mirrors, while also bringing our first load of decor. Here's some quick snapshots from our first round of install/check-in at Project McCachen:

With our last and final styling instal being completed in September, and small final pieces arriving over the past few weeks, we finally have this one checked off of our Project list! As this one was a long time coming, we couldn't wait to get the final product photographed. From the moody entry, to the hotel style Primary Bedroom, and the gallery wall along the wall - this 3 floor Project was one of our favourites from top to bottom. Check out the photos of the space on our Studio Kin Website, here- here's some of our favourite sneak peaks below:

And as we said above, we wanted to showcase this Projects process from the beginning stages, to the final styling day. SO, not only did we get this project photographed, but we also got our videographer, John, to come visit to shoot a home tour for us! If you've liked reading about this process, you can watch the full home walk-through, to see the completed project at every angle: here.

If you are following us on other forms of social media, or are subscribed to our Newsletter - we're sure you've heard of a few ongoing projects over the past year. We hope that you've not only enjoyed seeing this Project specifically come to life, but that you also enjoyed learning a bit more about the design process and what it's like to work alongside us! If you ever have any requests regarding blogs - tips, design tricks, etc - that you'd like to read about on our little blog here, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram and we're happy to do so. Thanks for following along - talk to you next time!

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