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Primary Bedroom Refresh

Transforming Arianas Primary Bedroom into a Busy Moms Oasis.

Hey Friends!

We are back with an exciting blog today. This is looooooong overdue, but life happens and I swear I am losing hours in the day haha.

A few months ago we had the pleasure of working with Ariana Christie (@arianajoychristie) and her husband Mike to transform their Primary Bedroom. Ariana is a mom to two amazing twin boys, Oscar and Axel and has another baby on the way! When she came to us, she was desperate for a space that her and her husband could relax in and enjoy. With their busy lifestyle in mind, we knew we had to create a space where after a long day, they could wind down and feel at peace.

Luckily for you, we are going to be sharing everything and anything you need, to create a space just like this, within your own home!!


  • As many new moms do, Ariana took a backseat to her own needs and left her own bedroom as last on the priority list. Although they had the basics, we felt we could transform their space into something amazing with some subtle changes.


  • Part of our design process with any client is to present them concepts on how we envision their space looking, when complete. Here is a look at Arianas.


We worked with Ariana to select pieces that were in stock, on budget and worked within her preferred colour tones. As is anything right now, stock levels are ALL over the place, so we had to work quickly to place orders and ensure everything went smoothly. Beyond the furniture, our first step was to get this wicked Board and Batten wall complete. We reached out to Broken Skull Designs (@Brokenskulldesigns) out of Guelph and he was able to quickly book us in! He's amazing. Not only is he super talented, but he had this done in less than a day???? Crazy right!

We went with a simple design, and kept the paint colour consistent throughout the room. We used Simply White OC-117 by Benjamin Moore. Keeping the paint a consistent colour rather than an accent was very important in this space. We were working with minimal square footage and we didn’t want to close the space in more. The white really opened the space up and gave it the dimension we needed. Check it out !


This space was so fun to style. Ariana was out for the day, so Sarah and I were able to get in and completely style it for them as a surprise when they came home. This is seriously the best part of our job. Check out the family pictures below in the completed space, and this video we put together here -


We are so excited to share with you the links to purchase, if you want to create a space like this similar within your own home. Some pieces we used were sourced from Homesense or local companies and were one of a kind - for those pieces, we have found similar items for you that still work perfectly with the overall feel on our Amazon Storefront!


Bed -

Article Tessu Bed (King Size)

Clay Taupe Fabric

Bed Coverlette -

Grey - King Size

Bed Duvet Cover -

Bamboo Cotton Duvet - White - King Size

Bed Sheet Set - (Not exact link, but similar) *These were a Homesense find*

Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set - Grey Colour - King Size

White Pillows - (Not exact link, but similar) *These were a Homesense find*

Fringe Pillows - (Not exact link, but similar) *These were a Homesense find*

Nightstands -

Meridien 2 - Drawer Nightstand

Colour - English Oak

Area Rug -

5x8 in size

Shelby 60 Beige Colour

Lamps (Not exact link, but similar) *These were a Homesense find*

White Bozrah 26” Table Lamp

Olive Tree -

Room Diffuser

Custom Wall Detail -

Complete by Greg from Broken Skull Designs


Thanks for taking the time to read our post. Comment below if you have any questions or want to know more about this space. We would love to know what you think!

If you are interested in us doing something similar for your home, fill in our inquiry form on our website and let's chat! :)

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