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Our Final 2022 Update:

GUYS - we made it! 2022 is officially coming to a close. Although it literally seems like the year just started. Nevertheless, what a year it has been! I'm sure that many of you reading this can agree with that statement. Full of new experiences, amazing SK advancements, and the best kind of organized chaos - but most importantly the completion of some of our all time favourite designs! This year was certainly a favourite for the SK team. And why not kick off the end the year with a 2022 Recap - our teams Top 5 favourite moments of the year. In no particular order, we'll hop right into it!

  1. THE FIRST SK OFFICE: This year started off with a bang for our team - as most of you probably recall! At the beginning of February - only a month after we made our ‘2022 list of goals,' including an office space - we snagged the studio we're sitting in right now. After what seems like an eternity between balancing clients, vs personal design tasks - we're so happy to announce that our Office is officially complete. And what a great year we've had in there.

  2. SARAH & GRIFF'S ENGAGEMENT: Another way to kick off the beginning of 2022 - 2 of our favourite people ever getting ready to tie the knot! Griffin proposed on a family trip in Siesta Key in the early months of this year. Needless to say, there has been lots of wedding planning for them since. We cannot even WAIT to celebrate you two this coming year - we don't doubt that the wedding will be our top moment for 2023.

  3. OUR TEAM'S FIRST NEW BUILD: Although we love all types of projects - smaller and larger - I think that many design teams naturally get extra excited for a full home. Especially a new build. Although this one (Project Dufferin) started in 2021, it officially wrapped early this year. As this first one wrapped, we officially have another which is currently being built, and will be complete in 2023!

  4. ADDING A MEMBER TO OUR TEAM: Many of you know Maya (Sarah's doggo) - SK's first official furry team member. Well, this year Maya's sister was born! And as if Kelsea and Sarah don't have enough ties already - Kelsea & Josh adopted little Milli into their family. Milli is the best company at the office, and greets all of our clients with some licks, and sometimes jumps (we're working on that). We couldn't imagine our team without her now!

  5. OUR SK X DI COLLAB: As many of you know, this year has brought us an incredible workspace! But also, an unbeatable relationship with a team that shares that space with us - Delve Interiors. Rachael and her team at Delve work collaboratively with us in our Design Space. This year has brought our teams very close - solving design problems together, sharing samples & of course many laughs. From Monday morning meetings, to team dinners together - our team feels more lively with this team by our side and we're so thankful for the new life-long connection we've made.

As we've said above - we got our Office in the very beginning of 2022. If you've watched our first 'Empty Office Tour Video: Episode 1', then you'd know it's been about 9 months since we've last updated you with our progress. But, we're happy to announce that the Studio is officially complete. We'll admit that our clients spaces always come first so we may have left it on the back-burner for a bit. After 9 long months of waiting for a video update, we figured that now is the perfect time to share our COMPLETED Office Tour video! Our very talented friend John Helder shot this video for us and we're so happy to share a little taste of our space with you. Click above to to watch, and we hope that it was worth the wait :)

And what kind of ending to the year would it be without a sappy display of affection from us, to you. This year - WOW! When starting this business back in the early year of 2020, we could not have imaged where this journey would take us. After all, starting a business can be super intimidating and is definitely one of the most challenging things we've ever done. But, this year has made everything worth it. As we slowly see some of our long term goals being achieved in our 3rd full year of business - we cannot even wait to see where 2023 will bring our team. Of course, none of this would be even a little bit possible to achieve without all of those who have supported us along this journey so far. From subscribing to our Newsletter, to supporting us on other platforms, and using us as your Designers - we thank you so much for trusting us. We wouldn't be able to do what we do everyday without the support behind us. We hope that you have a very Happy Holidays and we'll chat next year ;)

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