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Kin Shoppe - Answering all the Q’s

It’s important to us at Studio Kin to get to know our clients on a more personal level, it allows for us to create thoughtful, personalized designs tailored to your lifestyle. That being said, it’s just as important for you to get to know us just the same. Recently, we’ve expanded our company in a very exciting way and felt that it was necessary for our readers to get to know more about how the idea came to be. Kin Shoppe is our newly launched home decor company which we are so excited to share with both our clients, and those who want the signature Studio Kin look without the longer process. As quick as it might have seemed to happen for those who have followed our design journey, it was a long awaited process for us and we are so happy to finally share our Kin Shoppe story.

As a Design team, we can agree that there is nothing better than the comfort of your own home. However, we know that not everyone can see that vision for themselves. Studio Kin itself was born from a love of design and lifelong friendship. Two women believing that every home should tell the story of the people who live in it, which is why we love what we do. There is nothing we love more than designing and styling spaces to hold your life’s treasured moments, and that reflects you and your family perfectly. Through years of working closely with our clients, we’ve come to understand what true comfort feels like to us. Over time we’ve developed a signature style, in which we feel gives that ultimate feeling to any space we complete.

Organic Modern Design is how we define our company’s signature style. What is that you might ask? We define Organic Modern Design as raw and organic materials mixed with clean lined finishes - linens, natural wood and stones, as well as accents of vintage elements, combined with modern and functional pieces. Many people feel most relaxed when they’re outside; on the beach, at the cottage, or out on a picnic in the grass. Bringing natural tones and materials into the home that we mentally relate to nature, can have the same effect on how we feel within our own homes - which is exactly how we want our clients to feel. Through years of working through the design process we have recognized that at the end of a project, we were always looking for specific items that we weren’t necessarily able to find at an affordable price point. This is what led us to think - what if we had a collection on hand to use for ourselves?

In September of 2021 Kin Shoppe was launched - an online curated collection of organic modern home goods from Studio Kin. All hand-picked & fair-trade items, sourced from a wholesale marketplace based in North America. Kin Shoppe was created to go hand in hand with our completed design projects, for the perfect final touches. Not only do these products match our company’s aesthetic, providing us with those pieces we were always missing - but it’s just another opportunity for Sarah and Kelsea to share their passion for home design together. We wanted to assure that not only our clients were able to get the signature Studio Kin look within their home, but also anyone trying to update their homes at a smaller price point, with small touches. We would be lying if we said we weren’t inspired along the way. Some of our favourite designers with attached home shops have inspired some of our design choices. Some of these shops include Shoppe Amber Interiors, McGee and Co, LD Shoppe, Aston and West - all similar to our aesthetic and with similar items that we carry in the Kin Shoppe, for a quick comparison.

One important factor that we wanted to keep in mind when launching our shop was having fairly priced, high quality products, compared to some less affordable home stores. Throughout our career we have worked within budgets low too high, and honestly we just love design regardless of price point. However, we know that not everyone has the budget to spend on a home decor item, especially if you can find the same quality product for a much lower cost and more locally. Some of the most popular home decor stores in the design world right now are some of the most expensive and unaffordable for many - depending on the purchase. Although we love every company in our field, especially the ones listed below, we really just want to help our readers get the specific look that they’re looking for, for cheaper and closer to home!

We have created a list of some of our favourite items at Kin Shoppe, compared to some other products at a higher price point:


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