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Get to Know About the SK x DI Office Space

Hi everyone - it’s been a while! We will admit, we haven’t necessarily been completely focused on writing blogs lately, but this hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing for us. We’ve been so busy with our current & new projects by making sure that our clients are getting 100% of our full effort - which is obviously our number one priority! In between the incredible chaos of the design world, we’ve been working on something special for our team and our lovely clients. If you follow us on other forms of social media or subscribe to our Newsletter, odds are that you may already know our exciting news. But, we figured we should announce it here in case you’re unaware - we have an Office Space! In true SK fashion we don’t want to take this lightly - it’s such a huge deal for our team, so we want to make it a fun process to share with you. As much as we have loved working from Sarah’s dining table with our growing team, it’s exciting to move forward and grow in a space that we can make our own. So, we wanted to let you in on a personal glimpse of this office experience, and how we got to this point because we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore! And why not start at the very beginning of our SK journey?

As many of you may know, Sarah and Kelsea started Studio Kin back in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic when we were all stuck inside, and feeling a little uninspired. What’s a better way to re-inspire your creativity than starting a company with your best friend while bringing the natural beauty of the world into your home through Organic Modern Interiors. Sarah and Kelsea have always had big goals for themselves. Hiring their first employee, Laura, after about a year of business, and Schae only a short time after - Studio Kin has grown really quick! At the beginning of the year our growing team had a 2021 Wrap up meeting and discussed what we’ve accomplished over the previous year while looking forward to what’s to come in 2022. The team created not only a mood board (an essential for SK), but also compiled a list called “4 Things We’re Manifesting in 2022” - one of them being an office space. In less than a week of speaking this into existence for our team, we were touring the old LemonTree location and signing the 3 year lease, along with one other key part of this story that we’ll get too soon!

13 Mill Street East in Elora, ON - the official location of the small but mighty SK team. Funny enough, Sarah and Kelsea had always pictured the most ideal spot for their office space to be in the small town of Elora. Although busy at times, Elora is the perfect little town for the SK team - it matches the company and aesthetic so seamlessly. Not only does Elora consist of a ton of old world architecture (that you know the SK team loves), but it also perfectly suits the small town, personable vibe that SK tries to illustrate to their clients. Believe it or not though, it still gets even better for the Studio Kin team as they are not the only team moving in! As a company that truly believes in collaboration over competition, Sarah & Kelsea’s friend Rachael - the owner of Delve Interiors - and her team, will also be moving into this office space. So, what does this mean for Studio Kin? Nothing at all is changing at the company - Studio Kin and Delve Interiors will continue to be two separate companies. This office is plenty big enough for two Design Studios to grow together while working in one inspiring, collaborative space. Double the minds, means double the creativity, and that means one incredible result. Both teams are so excited to combine their ideas and create an incredibly inspiring work environment.

Most of the SK team's plans to personalize the office space are nearing completion. To keep things moving quickly, they’ve recently moved into the office part time. If you’re anything like them a mess will drive you nuts, which has surprisingly helped to speed up the process! Prior to this chaos of moving in though, Sarah and KeIsea completed a walk through video of the space where they explain the plans for each area of the office. So, if you haven’t already and you’re just as excited to see the space, there is a video posted on the Studio Kin Youtube Channel! But, here’s a quick recap of the ideas talked about:

A key feature of the office is the SK X DI Boardroom. This room will be a separated space from the rest of the office, where both companies can host team & client meetings. This room will be complete with the cutest banquette seating, a wall hung tv for design presentations, and the most perfect little coffee bar (catch both SK & DI there every morning). There is also a very open work space with designated areas for both Delve & Studio Kin, that have been personalized with each unique company aesthetic and final touches. And the best for last - the most exciting part - is the built in sample storage area, with TONS of sample storage. A designer's true dream. Compiled and complete with the most staple pieces for projects on hand, so that they’ll be readily available for any design project! Of course, these are just small pieces of what make this office so exciting - the office will only feel complete with final touches of styling and decor. So, keep an eye out for an upcoming Walk-through Youtube video of the completed office space!

As the Studio Kin company has grown, this office space has been made possible for our team. We want to say a huge thank you to all of our amazing clients, friends, family, & supporters who have made this growth at all possible! For that, we have a grand opening coming very soon to show you the complete office space, but also to say a thank you with some chats and snacks! We’ve sent out some invites to personal friends, family & clients - so check your inboxes. But after June 21st, we are more than happy to see any friendly faces pop in to say hello! So if you’re ever in Elora, we would love to see you. As our renovations come to an end, it’s a little bitter sweet for us. This will be the first of many new experiences that SK will reminisce on as we grow together - the hassle of finishing our first office in our spare time of client work. But, it’s been totally worth it and so fun to see this process come together, and finally decorate for ourselves! Although it took us a few months to post another blog - you won’t have to wait long for the next one. Come back soon for another blog where we walk you through the space with some final snapshots of the complete office space - we can’t wait for that day, but it’ll be so, so soon!

Thanks for stopping by, talk soon!

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