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Our design team will come to your home and assist you with any design related questions and leave you with our notes to implement on your own. 

In our consultations we cover things like space layout, materials and finishes to really showcase the space, the addition of millwork and other architectural elements, furniture pieces, lighting, art and window coverings. This means that we are verbally discussing these elements in the room. We are not making actual selections. Actual selections take time to develop and one element impacts the next, so we cannot design a space in two hours. With that being said, prior to our consultation, you are more than welcome to compile samples and we can make selections from them. 
We also always come with our Benjamin Paint Fan Deck. 


Please note: This service is solely a consultation and does not include any of the implementation beyond the 2 hr meeting. If you require further assistance beyond the consultation, please visit our other service pages to see which is the best fit for you. 

Price: $499 (CAD) + HST


Send us the following prior to our meeting. This will ensure we are prepared and can make the most of our time together: 

  • Photos of your space 

  • Key takeaways you’re hoping to get from the meeting 

Client will receive a PDF of notes made in meeting along with our package with additional design service details.

We will meet with you in your home and get to work right away! Since we only have 2 hours we don’t want to waste any time. 


In-Home Design Consultation (up to 2 hours)

  • $499 covers up to 2 hours in person meeting


Extra Add-Ons (Per Room)

  • Digital Concept Board Add-On - $299

  • Space Plan Add-On - $299

Ready to book your consultation?

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Spots are limited each month.

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