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/kin/ noun - one's family and relations.

Studio Kin was born from a love of design and a life long friendship. Two women believing that every home should tell the story of the people who live in it. 


We believe in bringing the warmth and natural beauty of the world into your home to create spaces that will hold your life’s treasured moments. Linens, natural wood and stones as well as accents of vintage elements are combined with modern and functional touches that we believe creates a timeless and fresh canvas for you to paint the story of your life.



Co-Founder, Principal Designer

Hi! I’m Sarah, Co-Founder of Studio Kin. I have a passion for creating beautiful spaces and building lasting relationships with our clients.

My signature style is a modern aesthetic consisting of organic materials, neutral colours, and mixed textures.
My favourite part of the design process is the detail styling towards the completion of a project. Bringing the space together with all of the finishing touches completely transforms and elevates the design to a new level.
It is such an exciting moment to share with our clients.

On a more personal note, I love to have fun, and try to never take life too seriously. I can always find an excuse to laugh and when you get to know me you’ll realize how true that really is! Everyone close to me tells me that my laugh and my sense of humour truly makes them happy.



Co-Founder, Principal Designer

Hey, I’m Kelsea! Co-Founder of Studio Kin and self proclaimed dessert enthusiast. Everything in life needs a bit of sugar, especially your home! I found myself in this industry after realizing my passion for connection & beautiful spaces. I can genuinely say there is nothing more satisfying (& more fun) than bringing new life to a space and creating a home our clients feel proud of. 

I am obsessed with timeless design that incorporates old world architecture with modern furniture styling. I love layering soft neutrals, but I am also not afraid of colour. Like seriously, give me ALL the dark green vibes. 
One of my favourite parts of the process would be the beginning stages; getting to know our clients, making connections, chatting about what they are looking for and coming up with a game plan that leaves them so excited. Then, of course the absolutely best part of all is the installation & reveal day! When all the hard work pays off & the client finally has that “this is my home” moment. Best ever! 


Intermediate Designer & Content Creator 

Hi there! I'm Laura - Intermediate Designer & Digital Content Creator at Studio Kin. Nothing gives me more joy than being able to help bring a client's design inspiration to life in their own home.

Moody & organic interiors have always had my heart. Mixing deep charcoals with naturally stained oak & cream hand crafted tiles is seriously the only colour palette I need in my life!

My favourite stage in our design process is during our first initial design presentation meeting. Being able to capture a client's ideas and bring them to life with renderings, floor plans & samples is such a fun process to do! There's truly nothing more satisfying than seeing a client's face light up in excitement after presenting a design consultation to them. 

To get to know me a little better, I love to joke around & have fun with life! Going on long car rides, playing my guitar & reading books on my front porch are some of the simple pleasures in life that bring me joy.



Design Associate

Hi! I’m Schae, the newest member of the Studio Kin team. I grew up with a creative mind and wanted to put it to good use - what better way than to use it than through thoughtful design.

With my father as a custom home builder, I grew up knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in Interior Design - being dragged around to site visits, and watching HGTV inspired me over time. Although, considering this I will admit that my favourite signature style is quite different than his! I love organic modern design, the perfect style to describe the Studio Kin team.

I gravitate towards a neutral colour palette, and organic hues but I love to give myself a challenge. As I’m new to the field, so far my favourite part of the design process would be creating concept boards. It’s so fun to see your thought-filled mind come to life right in-front of you.

It’s important to me to be a positive figure in peoples life, which has made me known as a people person. This is why I’m so excited to make connections with clients. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than working in a field that constantly inspires you and excites you to go to work everyday. 

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